Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Few Recent Oil Studies

Here are some oil studies that are in various stages. None of these are completely finished and I continue to "work" them here and there. These studies are mostly for the purpose of working with light and shadow as well as tonal values. I also wanted to experiment with some new techniques and various paints. They are practice paintings for now. Just blocking in the warm and cool tones helps when you're doing the under-painting. I found that over working the details is something to be aware of when you're painting. As someone who practices drawing more than painting, this is a difficult thing to do. Oil paints do not like to be controlled and working "loosely" with the paint takes some getting used to. As a relatively new painter (painting regularly for about 5 years), there is so much to learn. When you see paintings and say to yourself, "ok that looks fairly easy, if you take your time", you quickly realize that it takes more than time. There are secrets that have to be unlocked. For me, it has mostly been trial and error and You Tube. I visit You Tube a lot to see what other painters are doing and to try to learn from them. Here is a really outstanding artist I found recently. Karin Jurick has some great You Tube videos and a very nice website. Check her work out at:

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