Saturday, June 12, 2010

Nude Study

Oil Pencil, paint brush and water-soluble oil pastel on Duralar film.

This is a several step process involving:
1. Line work - charcoal pencil - medium.
2. Blocking in shadow - oil based, water-soluble pastel (black)
3. Brush work (small filbert) using various colors (brown, red, peach, black, blue). Applied color to areas as shown.
4. Lightly washed the outline with gray mixture of oil pastels (added some reddish-brown).

The Duralar film accepts the charcoal surprisingly well, but if you use your eraser (gum or kneaded) you'll find it difficult to go over those areas with the charcoal again. The film also accepts the oil pastels very well. I am going to experiment with some other paints on this film and see how they work.
FOR SALE: $50.00

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