Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 17 - The Motorcyclist

The Motorcyclist - Derwent Colored Pencil on 14 x 17 Canson
Day 17

Just a few days left in the project. I am really enjoying the Derwent Chocolate pencil I bought last week. Just having fun today with this drawing. Meet the Motorcyclist.

Sometimes I go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to sketch the statues. I love the shadows on the marble and the way the sculptors worked the stone to give them life. Most of the statuary is Roman in origin and because the workmanship is so excellent, they've stood the test of time.

I can't really explain why, but sometimes when I'm at the museum I can't help wondering what the statues would like with various hats, helmets or wigs on them. For instance what if I stuck an Apollo era space helmet on David? I think it's okay to add some humor and spontaneity to your art sometimes.

With just four days left I realized today that I had done two paintings in the project so far. It isn't that I don't want to paint, I just have to have the right subject matter and mood to do it. Picking up a pencil is so much easier for me, but that's part of the challenge isn't it?
Tomorrow I will endeavor to paint something. No telling what I'll come up with, but I'll give it go. I don't have a quota for paintings or drawings, just to complete one each day for the duration. When I've had time, I've been able to do more than one drawing a day and I'll be adding those on the final day of the project as well.


  1. jayne234511:15 PM

    Well, there are two great ideas; drawing the statues, and putting them in contemporary hats. I love it.

    I think that chocolate pencil has a cool effect, too. I am learning so much from your project. It's been great!