Friday, December 10, 2010

A Pair of Old Fishing Boats (10 X 12) Oil on Board

Day 8

For this oil painting I wanted to try a couple new techniques. The oil paint is somewhat diluted for the underpainting using turpentine for quick drying. This made it more like a watercolor at first, so I thickened the paint with linseed oil for the subsequent layers. Below is the progression.

I begin with a basic pencil sketch of the scene. Not too much details, just enough to get started and map out some of the lights and darks. In the second stage I am really just blocking in lights and darks using basically the same colors or a lighter variation of the ones I'll use later.

Then I tried to work in the lights and the darks, making sure to avoid too much black, since that tends to flatten everything. I worked in the shadows where I could and just tried to concentrate on the color. I don't know if that's the right process though.
Towards the end, I added in the highlights and lighter colors, working thin to thick. That's really about it for this painting. If I did this again, I would work on the lighter tones more and add additional contrasts wherever it's needed. Yes, it did occur to me that this looks like a paint by numbers, on the upside oil and wood burn really well in my fire pit.

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  1. No, it doesn't look like a paint by number at all to me. No burning allowed. This painting is awesome. Even more awesome to think that you did this in a day.