Saturday, December 04, 2010

Pastel Study

Day 1

"Create One Drawing or Painting a Day Until Christmas Project"

My goal is to create one drawing or painting each day for the next 21 days. My objective is just to see where this takes me. I enjoy drawing and painting and for 21 days I'll have a deadline. I have a tendency to be overly ambitious when it comes to subject matter and process so this also forces me to be more spontaneous.

Since I can't spend too many days on any single piece unless I want to work on things simultaneously I will have to work quickly. Balancing the desire to create an epic painting with the reality of time and talent constraints leaves me free to produce whatever comes to mind.

So here's what I expect out of this project; a chance to draw and or paint everyday for a few weeks. An opportunity to be more spontaneous. A chance to hear feedback and criticism from others. And finally I just hope to have a lot of fun.

I introduce my little project with a nude. Nudes are not my favorite or best subject, so I wanted to start with a challenge. Please feel free to leave comments right on the blog post or send them to me if prefer. Thank you for visiting my art site.

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