Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Recent Oil Studies

Lloyds Backyard - Oil on board 8 X 10
Some recent oil studies of familiar subjects. The first is my neighbor Lloyd's backyard. It is overgrown since Lloyd is in his 90's and understandably does not like to do much lawn work anymore. He likes that it has basically gone back to its natural state. I like it to, because I have a little forest right next door.

The second subject is a lake scene featuring some boats. I liked the color in the water and the boats lined up near the building. I used a subject first painted by the English artist David Curtis.

The third study is of some local telephone poles. The light was hitting them just right and so I gave it a quick try.
Three Boats - Oil On Board 8 X 10
Telephone Poles 6 X 8 Oil on Board

1 comment:

  1. jayne23453:21 PM

    Your paintings always make me want to "go there". They're so peaceful, and you use such great colors. I really love Lloyd's back yard. How neat that Ethan (and the rest of the family) have the woods right next door.

    Keep up the wonderful work.