Monday, August 22, 2011

Some oil paintings in progress

Old Bridge - Oil on Board
 A few oil paintings I've been working on during a break from studies and work. Nothing special here, just some practicing. I've been trying out some different oil paints and brushes.

I bought some oil paint from Holland called Cobra (which stands for the home cities of the founders of the paint company, Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam). In any case, it's nice paint and the texture is buttery. The pigments are strong and even though my work generally muted, it adds a depth to what I am painting. And best of all if you like the idea of easy clean up and no toxicity, this is a water based oil paint. I'd say it's on par or slightly lower than Holbein's Aqua Duo line of water based oils.

None of the paints required mediums but I use a linseed oil and turpentine. I use the linseed oil to stretch the paint and add some glazing effects. I use the turpentine to speed drying time, especially when dong plein air painting.
First Bank - Oil on Canvas Board

Whatever paint you use, it's really about technique. I haven't mastered any of them yet so I'm not giving any advice here, just sharing my experiences. For instance, I sometimes paint wet on wet, especially when doing plein air (outside) paintings. I've learned that contrast is important, but only in so far as it's believable. I try to do under-paintings so that I can "sketch" with paint and add some of the color beneath what will become a component of the painting.

It's all about shadow and light, regardless of the subject matter. If you paint in one light it looks flat, that's why lot's of plein air painters go out in the morning or early evening when shadows are cast and there's more contrast.
Sm Town Corner - Oil on Linen Board

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