Friday, October 28, 2011

SOLD - Pin-up Girl #5 The Talker

Faber-Castell colored pencil on Bristol 100 lb paper
October 28, 2011

The Pin-up project has been slow lately. I'm getting over a cold and haven't had much time to draw or paint these days. I did find some time tonight to knock out this beauty though.

This one is from the original by George Petty. Petty was a prolific pin-up artist from about 1933 to 1956 and created art for magazines, calendars, posters, billboards and just about any advertising medium there was.

His pin-up's were highly stylized and used the angular lines of his figures to strike a unique composition. Petty had a wonderful and long career spanning about six decades and worked up until his death in 1975.

Here's a bit more on Petty and some of his illustrations.,g.htm

This original drawing is available for sale on Etsy at

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