Saturday, August 31, 2013

Late Afternoon Grain Elevators - Oil On Canvas Board

Late Afternoon Grain Elevators - Oil on Board 9 X 12
August 31, 2013

As the days grow shorter, the evening sun seems more intense. This is an oil painting I just finished. Its content seems self-explanatory, but the content alone isn't the sole objective. I wanted to capture a mood in this painting. What is a painting if it doesn't inspire an emotion?

Painting teacher Richard Abraham pointed out several key adjustments. For example the distant trees and the lighting on the tracks. He made some tweaks on the canvas that were essential, but I'm very proud of the the work I did to bring it to help bring this painting to life.

You can spend years trying to uncover the many, many mysteries of painting or you can go to school. I've done both and I wish I'd started school sooner. Abraham is a good teacher, encouraging and someone whose honed his craft through years of, "brush time". It's good to pickup what you can from those with more experience.

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