Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Recent Oil Paintings - A boat, hay bales and home town.

Karen - Oil on Canvas Board 9 X 12
August 14, 2013

A few recent paintings I've been working on lately. The boat painting is still in progress, but the hey bales and the hometown painting are done.

Hay bales seem like they'd be easy to paint, but they are most definitely not. I had some much needed help from painter Richard Abraham, otherwise it could have been disastrous. The circular area of the closest hay bale was the most difficult because in reality there is so much texture you're tempted to try to paint. The other mistake is to leave too little detail and then it looks like a flat disc.

The boat, which is from a photograph I took while on a visit to the Oregon coast is still in progress. The challenge with the boat is trying to give the object volume while remembering all the light effects. It's a good start to what I hope will be a decent painting when done.

The smaller painting below, which is just a 5 x 7, was an experiment to see how a big scene would play out on a small canvas. I like okay, but it needs work especially on the foreground trees and brush. It just doesn't have the pop which was present at the time in the scene...late afternoon, dramatic shadows.

Hay Bales - Oil on Board 9 X 12

St.Paul Summer - Oil on Board 5 X 7

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