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State Fair Art Review - Part III

September 6, 2013

You can click on any of the paintings for a larger view.

William Charles Manske is an Edina Artist with a definite eye for interesting subject matter. As I stood looking at this painting I couldn't help but admire Manske's attention to detail in this sweeping scene. From the long row of sideshow performers to the interactions of the people in the crowd, Manske brings this fantasy Midway to life.

William Charles Manske - Sideshow
The whimsy is captivating and Manske connects with viewers through the actors in this painting. Furthermore, by putting the, "Headless Girl" in the same show as the, "Two Headed Baby" Manske doesn't miss the chance to add humor.

I commend the selection committee for remembering that art can also be entertaining.

Kim Gordon - Winter Sky

Minneapolis painter Kim Gordon's, "Winter Sky" reminds me that really good art is capable of conveying incredible clarity with very little detail. What Gordon accomplishes with bold, confident brushwork and an expert eye for color is wonderfully sublime.

Gordon's landscape put me in a snowy field and for a few brief moments I stood upon its hills and enjoyed a fading winter sun. Gordon's paintings can do that to you. Her entry into this years exhibit is simply graceful.

You can see more of Kim Gordon's work at mnartist.org, here is a link:

David Rickert is an artist from Staples and his oil painting, "Ever Vigilant" puts the extra into the ordinary. Rickert is an accomplished painter whose roots in commercial design and illustration are evident in his work. His painting leaves an indelible impression without ever being presumptuous. Rickert is never afraid to explore his pallet and a variety of bold colors.

Rickert is a favorite of mine because he invests himself in capturing everyday scenes. "Ever Vigilant" is no different as it gives the viewer a perfect window into the workings of the fire station. As another evening falls on the fire house it gives us pause to remember those whose long uneventful hours are interrupted by moments of life and death. I promise, it'll be worth your while to check out more of David Rickert's work on his website at:

Sher Leksen - A Day In The Light II - Oil
"A Day In The Sun II" is a brilliant pastel by Princeton Artist Sher Leksen. The work lures the viewer in with a great balance and proportion while the nooks and crannies keep you guessing. The color, light and shadow work is excellent and few details are overlooked.

Sher Leksen's painting skills demonstrate a remarkable ability both in sense of place and composition. The artist doesn't waste any space in filling the canvas with a story. In this case the architectural body is expressed with a fullness that warrants attention.

Daniel Rolf is a Coon Rapids artists whose landscape painting, "Prairie Grass" is a demonstration of refined painting skill. Rolf's work is multi-faceted. He has the ability to convey intent with a simple mark while courageously taking chances with a scene. In this painting Rolf isn't afraid to place the long grass squarely in the center, covering background trees.
Daniel Rolf - Prairie Grass - Oil
Master painter Joe Paquet's influence can be seen in this work, but Rolf still manages to make it his own through complex simplicity. That is to say he accomplishes the detail and emotion without overworking the canvas. His straightforward mark making belies a subtle touch.

You can see more of Daniel Rolf's work at his website here:

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