Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Long Winter

March 23, 2014

It has been a brutally long winter here in Minnesota. For as long as the folks around here can remember, there's never been a winter quite like this one. More than 140 days below freezing, blustery winds and just enough snow to raise the misery factor to, "unbearable".

I've been using the time indoors to draw, post videos to my YouTube site and paint when I can. It's not such a bad life for people like me with a hobby. For my wife and children though the winter has been dragging on far too long.

We are all suffering from cabin fever and we can't wait until it is warm enough to throw open the windows and let a little air into our stuffy home. When you're cooped up too long you begin to wonder if spring will ever arrive.

Life is different for Midwesterners. We yearn a little more deeply for the springtime, we appreciate the summer sunshine just a little a bit more, and we cling to the last vestiges of autumn as if our very existences depended upon it. We do this because we know what we're in store for. We come to understand that living in the moment, enjoying every second of day is important.

I have been busy drawing away the days, while my thoughts turn to the hopeful reminder that springtime will bring with it the renewal and warmth that will free us from the confinement of our long dark winter.

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