Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Recent Work - Sketches and paintings

Rainy Day City - Watercolor & Ink
December 31, 2014

Last entry for 2014. It's been an extraordinary and good year for our family. Last year we took a vacation for the first time in many years. We escaped the cold winter of Minnesota for the sunny beaches of Florida. It was there among the ocean waves and sunset that I decided to devote more time to art this year.

That devotion has led to at least an hour or two each day focused on my work. As a result I've been in three art shows, MAA Edina Art Center, Stillwater Gallery show and the Ames Center MAA exhibition. I sold a few small paintings and drawings, which was enough to buy more supplies for my work.

The artistic journey, as I like to call it, has led me to more sketching and watercolor painting. I miss oil painting and will get back to it sooner or later, but I love the interaction and spontaneity of sketching on site. Watercolors, which had always been frustrating to me have been a challenge, however I'm beginning to discover their wonderful properties.

Wet Streets - Watercolor
These are some recent pieces I've been working on. Paying close attention to detail without overwhelming the composition is a trick I'm still learning. I love architecture and so I'm drawn, no pun intended, to sketching and painting it.

Staying loose is also a good thing to do. I've discovered that with watercolors, like oil painting, less can be more. The hint of shadow and light, warms and cools, can make all the difference.

So what's in store for 2015? Right now, my plan is to continue with this type of work and to find my own voice in these pieces.

Landmark Center - Saint Paul - Watercolor
Cold Pair - Watercolor

Winter Is Here

Wine & Lemon


Looking East on Selby

Wisdom - Graphite & watercolor

Watercolor - After a work by Tim Wilmot

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