Saturday, June 04, 2016


June 4, 2016

Here are a series of recent sketches, drawings and paintings from the past couple of months. It's been a while since I posted on the blog and figured it was about time. 

Horse Study
For all the people that have subscribed to this blog, I just want to mention that I appreciate it. Thank you for being interested enough in me or my work to visit from time to time.

This Spring has really flown by. I've been out on a few Art Adventures and had opportunities to interview some fellow Artists. I posted those interviews and sketchbook tours on my YouTube Channel. So check those out if you get a chance.

Have you ever been challenged by Artists block? Not being able to just get to work and draw or paint. I think it happens to every Artist sooner or later. 
Commission for Juan

Commission For Juan
I once read the published journal entries of Wanda Gag, an early twentieth-century Artist who was famous for her unique illustrations. In her journal she sometimes wrote of struggling to draw or paint. She would force herself, with great emotional effort, to just do art. 

Wanda Gag fought through the blocks by pushing herself to just create. Even if it was small or not well thought out, she just did it. She pushed through. And I often think about the force of will it takes to overcome our internal lethargy or our self-doubt or our internal critic. 

I don't know where that force of will comes from. I suppose some would say God or the Universe or sheer force of will. Whatever it is I find it challenging to push past the block sometimes. My blockers often stem from a laziness about my work...and something deeper. I find myself watching Netflix or YouTube and suddenly hours have gone by and I'm almost always disappointed in myself for it.
Sketching Coffee Fetching
I realize I've been avoiding my drawing or painting for days on end, and eventually I feel bad about it. I always promise myself that next time I'm going to pay attention and avoid it.
Irvine Park Watercolors
It takes a lot of self-awareness to understand the laziness comes from something different. I think it's fear. I think it's fear of really committing to the craft and giving it the investment it deserves. Maybe I'm over-thinking it all, but I do...think too much.

The fear of fully committing and then not measuring up. Doubting yourself can be the biggest challenge you'll ever face. It is for me. Then I try to clear my mind and remember art is joy. It should be fun. And I pick something simple and do what Wanda did...I push through. 

Speed Oil Study
And each time I do that, it gets easier and easier.

It's not just a happy ending, it's a lifestyle choice. 
Speed Oil Study 2

Speed Oil Study 3

59 Irvine - In The Collection of Mandy Bitzgeio
Apple Blossoms

Along the Mississippi, High Bridge In the Distance

Rick Grimes After Adlard

Turtles Man

Portrait Studies

Portrait Study
Coffee Shop Hero

Portrait Sketching

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