Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Interview on Lindsay The Frugal Crafter's Podcast and Some Sketches

“My hands are dirty because I have dreams in my pocket” ― Stefano Bosis

This past month I've been working on some homemade sketchbooks and doing some watercolor sketching. I traveled a bit locally because the weather here has been unseasonably warm. Mostly I take short road trips away from the city to be in nature. I recently took a 90 minute drive to Frontenac State Park, which is located on the high bluffs of the Mississippi River near Lake Pepin, which was formed when the glaciers in the area receded. 

In the autumn, Frontenac is a great place for bird watchers who can spot over 260 species of migratory birds. It's also a sketchers paradise. So many great subjects, including the wide open spaces over the river valley, abundant wildlife, prairies and hardwood forests.

The other really fun thing I did recently was connect with my very good friend and YouTube legend Lindsay The Frugal Crafter

It was like reconnecting with an old friend. Lindsay, I and few other YouTubers started around the same time, more than a decade ago. Since the community of Arts and Crafts was very small back in those days we all connected in a very special and positive way. Steve Mitchell of Mind of Watercolor who is another great friend also started his channel back then, along with a handful of others like Teoh Yi Chie, Mark Campbell, Lisa from Lachri Fine Art , Ivor Harrison from the Art Gear Guide and a handful of others. Then came the great James Gurney who has leveled us all up when it comes to teaching and entertaining the audience. 

Lindsay and I got to talk about a whole host of awesome topics and even how the art channels we have can be a safe and comforting space for people. Lindsay asked me some really insightful questions about what videos I like to do best and just about life in general. She's a great friend and we've been mutual supporters since the beginning. Weird to think that Lindsay, Steve, Lisa and I, along with a few others, are the OG's of YouTube art and art supply reviews.

Lindsay has started a podcast and puts the video up on her channel. You can find her podcast on most platforms. If you're reading this please help spread the word and subscriber to her YT channel and podcast.

Here are some of the sketches I've been working on lately.

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