Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fog - P.C.H. - By Olivia Wilder

Oil on Board - Olivia Wilder

November 5, 2011

I don't often purchase artwork, not because I don't think supporting the arts is important, but because I am very particular and I want to pay the artist their asking price, which can sometime be a bit high for a guy with a family to aupport. I like a certain type of art and as the old saying goes, "I know it when I see it". And when I saw this painting I had to have it.

This painting was done by the artist Olivia Wilder. Ms. Wilder lives in Arizona where she also hosts a popular online radio show called, "Olivia Wilder Times". Among her many talents is painting.
Colors on the truck

Distant objects and mood are captured

This painting is very expressive and reflects a rare talent for capturing the mood. The fine shadow work and the light, suggestive touch denote an artist who is truly skillful. After many years of practicing painting I have a deep appreciation for Artists who've mastered, or more accurately, those artists who've been able to take what the paint will give them.

Ms. Wilder pulls off a perfect blend of composition, mood and color. Her masterful work with distant objects and the delicate use of color illustrates a skilled hand and eye. The dark foreground contrasts seamlessly with the lighter distant landscape.

This painting is not overworked and as you can see in the close up of the telephone pole, the brush strokes are suggestive and don't try to dominate. They lead you in without pushing your sensibilities. The right use of yellows, greens, reds and grays help to lead the eye of the viewer to a believable scene.

This painting could easily be hanging in a fine art gallery, but it's now in my living room...awaiting the perfect frame. I like collecting the art of real, working artists, especially those that I know personally.

Next time you're thinking about hanging something on your wall I hope you'll consider supporting a working artist. It looks good, feels good and it helps perpetuate human expression.

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  1. Oh, my gosh, Marty, thank you! I am truly humbled and flattered that you like my painting as much as you do. Especially coming from a fellow artist whose work I very much admire, it is truly the highest compliment. I hope that you continue to enjoy it for years to come, as much as I enjoyed painting it.